Friday, July 23, 2010

Final Club Race!

Our last race as a team is tomorrow in the Black Forest of Germany in a little place called Schluchsee.
Every time I have raced here it has been really cold and terrible weather and this year the forsecast is for the same. Its such a shame as its an awsome place in the middle of a forest.
I have raced well here in the past over olympic distance so with the course changes this year making it alot longer and also non drafting I am hoping to go well again.
Hopefully it wont be as bad as last year where it was raining the whole race and about 12 degrees. I got off the bike and could'nt feel my feet for the first five km of the run.
Then we have our annual presentations to end the LBS cup for this season and head back to Crailsheim to prepare for Ironman Regensberg the following weekend.

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