Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting over it!

The last week has been full of doctors appointments and trips in and out of hospitals and specialists but finally we have a good idea of what is wrong with my leg and what needs to be done to get it back to how it should be.
The MRI scan last week showed that there was a fracture in my leg, previously not shown in the Xrays that I had in Thailand and some ligament damage in my knee, on top of a couple of large blood clots caused from the impact of the accident.
The first thing the doctors started work on was clearing the blood clots to minimise the risk of them spreading to the lungs and causing bigger problems so I started with daily injections, blood thinning tablets and blood tests every second day... until now needles have probably been my biggest fear but I think, finally I am overcoming it! I still wasn't able to give myself the injections like they wanted but I didn't fear them as much each time the nurse turned up.
With a bit of luck I will be able to walk again in about five weeks and hopefully back into a bit of easy training while I wait for the blood clots to clear, at the moment I can do very little but wait for the body to do its work.
So unfortunatly I will miss Busselton this weekend but if all goes well I will get to do a couple of races here in Australia before a big European season starts in May.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hero to Zero

Well, not even a week into my first trip to Thailand and I have been taken out by a car! On our way to a bike session a car pulled out and nailed me.
So now three weeks out from Ironman I am on crutches praying that nothing to serious has happened under all the swelling and that somehow I might still be able to race. Apart from that little incident our camp has been going along well with athletes coming and going constantly and lots of km getting done. We have been living on rice almost three meals a day but when it only cost $2 for dinner its hardly an inconveniance, the people have been lovely and everyone seems a little interested in what we are doing.
My plan was to stay here up untill the 24th leading into Busselton but now looks like it might be cut short and I'll be home to try and recover as quickly as possible if there isn't much improvement in the next couple of days.
Its a bit of a bugger having this incident but the idea of the camp was to start to change the direction of my next few years in triathlon not just about the next race, so looking at the big picture it was worth the trip and I think it will help me into the future.
But I will still hang in hope for busso!

                                        Sutto about to smack me over the head with my crutches!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Change of plans!

Well its back on the road again and this time I am up in Thailand at a place called Krabi for a training camp with Team TBB and their coach Brett Sutton. I flew in on Wednesday and after breifly meeting the rest of the team we got right into the training, today is my first easier day and my first opportunity to let everyone know what is happening for the next season.
I have joined the team for at least the next 12 months with my main focus on long course racing throught Australia, Asia and Europe.
Joining the team means I get alot more support than I have had previously allowing me to focus as much attention to my training as I need and access to the most successful coach in triathlon while in a team enviroment. So this camp is basically just an orientation, meet and greet some of the team along with giving Brett a look at what I need to be improving with my training.
So far Thailand has been great, the people have been very friendly, country side is awsome and everything is cheap! Our meals have been about $2 and our hotel which is quite good costs about $15 a night.
I will stay in the camp untill the 24th of Nov before heading home then on to Busselton which is a little different to what I had planned but should work out alright.
If I survive the next few days training I will try and get some photos on my blog!