Monday, May 28, 2012

Ironman Cairns

This weekend Ironman racing heads to Cairns and marks the end of the Australian season as we head into our colder months.
I decided to do the race this year as usually by this time I would be in Europe but with the baby on the way it worked out well to have a major race here before thinking about heading over with the rest of the team.
Being a weird time of year to have a race in Australia has divided the pro field as alot of the guys don't want to travel around the world from America or Europe for one race. Some of the competition decided to base in Australia and use this race as their major focus before heading back to the European season, most of the others are like me, either Australian or New Zealander's  that are unable to travel around the world for races or have family commitments.

I'm looking forward to this race, its the last chance for a good result in Australia before next season and its such a beautiful part of the world. I holidayed here last year and got to do alot of sightseeing but now its business and I am counting on a good result.

Apart from a competitive field there will be a few other things to contend with on the day, the race is in crocodile territory with the chance of some box jelly fish and the weather is likely to be hot and humid. If I make it through the swim hopefully I will be able to handle the rest of it ok.

Training has been going well after Koh Samui and I have been able to get some more distance back in my running after tearing a muscle in my hamstring a few weeks before my last race, if all goes well hopefully I will be somewhere near the front of the race and pushing for the win.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Travelling around

After another month training with the team on the Sunshine Coast and a quick trip to Koh Samui I have made it back to Canberra for a little recovery before the build up continues for the rest of the season.

Our camp in Mooloolaba was great, there was about a dozen athletes there and after the first two weeks we had some reasonable weather to get through some good training. I stayed with Dave and Caroline while I was there so I got to see their final preparations leading into both Melbourne and Koh Samui and learn from that. Dave finished 5th in Melbourne and won Koh Samui while Caroline won both! 
Hopefully some of their success rubs off on me!

I'm sure most people have read the blogs from Koh Samui so I wont go into much of that. The highlights were Dave and Caroline won the race and Carrie finished second in what was an extremely hot and humid race. Congratulations!
I finished 5th but was bumped back to 6th with a penalty I could write another blog about.
I've attached a youtube video link of the race below.

  Samui Triathlon 2012

So now I am back in Canberra for a little while, my trip to Europe will be a little later this year as we are waiting for baby no.2 around the start of July. If all goes well I should be heading over some time after that. Its the latest I have stayed back in Canberra for a few years so as winter gets closer I am really feeling the cold weather. Its such a contrast after being on the sunshine coast and Koh Samui to come back to some cold weather. We have already had one sub zero morning and some miserable days.

Next race on the agenda will be Ironman Cairns on the 3rd of June which will probably be my last race in oz until next season. I'm hoping to put a good race together there before some more major races in Europe.