Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia day

Tyler in his Australia day kit. What a poser!

One of our first real summer days yesterday marked Australia day 2011. We celebrated with some of Danielles mothers group friends in typical Aussie style. BBQ and beers by the pool followed by the cricket.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take 2

The new look TBB squad is having its annual pre season camp starting in a few weeks back in Krabi (Thailand) before we all head to Europe for the majority of our race season starting in late May.
Hopefully this trip will be a bit more of a success than my last trip up that way and get me back into some sort of race shape.
At the camp we get fitted out with all our new kit and equipment from the team sponsors including our new bikes from Cervelo so I'm looking forward to that.
If all goes really well and I can twist Sutto's arm enough I might still have a chance of racing in Singapore 70.3 mid March and a couple of smaller races around Oz after that.
Its been hard to get back into training again the past few weeks, after losing so much fittness. Mentally my brain thinks its training as normal but physiaclly I just carn't do what I could nine weeks ago and its going to take qiute a while to get back to that level. I tend to be a bit impatient and want to be back where I was right away.
I got back on the bike last week and have just been getting some easy km done. I've even started some easy jogging so the recovery is well on the way!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back to the start

Recovery from the knee injury has gone better than expected and after a meeting with the specialist yesterday I am back into some light training over all three disiplines.
Made it through my first bike and run for seven weeks successfully and without pain.
From here its back to the start again with some really easy aerobic stuff for the next few weeks to get some fittness back then into another training camp with TBB in Thailand late February. So hopefully racing again in late March/April leading into the European season.
The past week I spent back in the workshop getting some hours done and coin in the bank. Was great to just get back and be able to do something constructive again after being immobile for those few weeks but now the journey begins to get back the fittness and beyond!