Friday, September 7, 2012

One more week.

Our European camp is coming close to an end for another year, with most people slowly heading away over the last few weeks it seems like only the skeleton crew is left, which made me reflect apon just how much success we have acheived in the last couple of months as a squad.
Its pretty amazing... So I've found some pictures to do the talking!
Dan winning IM UK

My highlight for the camp is definitly seeing Nicola take the gold medal at the Olympics after all the hard work she puts in it was well deserved. But to see our whole squad performing well and enjoying their racing has been inspiring.

For me it was good to get back into a bit of form again after a couple of ordinary races in the middle of the year. I just have to keep it rolling for two more races in Asia on the way back to Australia then a bit of time to catch up with the family before the Australian season kicks in.

There are still some of the biggest races of the year coming up, so hopefully some more big results!
The "Bulldog" mixing it up with the boys in Vichy last month.
Cheers, Aaron.

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