Friday, August 3, 2012

Gettin through it!

Three weeks into camp things are starting to feel better and the races are about to begin.
When I arrived I thought I needed a good four weeks in the hills to get some form back to a competitive level before racing the back end of the European season and I am starting to feel that now.
One of the quotes that Brett gave me last year stuck in my head he said “Training should start to feel like a droan” and I know every time I get into good shape thats exactly how it feels.
Well when you are in camp like we are at the moment with no distractions and nothing else to do, it doesn’t take long to get that feeling and pretty soon you start to get some rythem and a bit of form.
The last couple of weeks has been some pretty awesome training with our trip to Alpe D’Huez and some big days with the boys preparing for Kona later in the year.
Racing begins next week with a trip to Challenge Copenhagen.
My last voyage to Denmark was for Challenge Aarhus last year which ended in a total disaster after I picked up some food poisoning in my travels and spent most of the weekend in the bathroom. Hopefully this race will turn out a bit better than that!
Then we will start to plan out the rest of my time in Europe before heading home in Mid September.

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