Tuesday, March 27, 2012

World Champ Camp

Part of the deal when you train under Sutto is if you win a world championship you get a training camp in your backyard as a reward for your success.
This year was Caroline's year after winning the ITU Long distance worlds back in 2010, so we've set up camp on the not so sunny, Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba.( Carolines adopted home!)

I arrived 13 days ago in preparation for three long course races in the next few months starting with Koh Samui in mid April.
Possibly the worst time I could have arrived! The usual perfect sunshine coast was anything but! I almost never saw the sun for the first eight days it rained so much, ending last Thursday with one of the biggest falls I have witnessed. We had 400mm of rain in one day causing flash flooding throughout the town, I attached a clip below showing what the rain was like the whole day.

 Luckily it doesn't get to cold up here and the rain is almost insignificant. Training goes on as normal.
It seems like the results are speaking for themselves with some awsome racing over the past weekend both in Ironman Melbourne and the ITU World cup.I'll let the other athletes expand on their results over the week.

About half our team are here at the moment with some of the Swiss national kids. Our new additions for 2012 have been welcomed and finding their place in the team while we have been grinding out some solid training.
If all goes well most of us will be here until mid April when we start splitting off to our separate races all around the place. 
My mindset before I came up here was that Mooloolaba would be a really tough place to train but it has been great. We have heaps of riding options, if we head inland there are some awesome rides through the hills or along the coast for some flatter easy rides.
The pool we use is immaculate and hasn't been open for long, so basically brand new with very few people using it. Perfect for us.
Hopefully the weather stays like it has been the last couple of days and we see just how nice the Sunshine Coast is!

We are already looking ahead for who in the team might be the next world champion and where we might be heading next. I think it might be a little while before I get the team back out to the farm at Peak Hill but it would be funny!
There has been talk of South Africa next year.
Would be nice but unlikely. If Caroline can keep racing like she is I reckon we might be right back here again in another twelve months doing exactly what we are doing now!

Cheers, Aaron.


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