Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Rain

Well the novalty of being in Thailand has certainly worn off and the thought of being at home repeats itself in my head continuously. Everyday we have rain which means we have to clean and lube the bikes constantly. When its not raining its super hot and humid. We get chased by dozens of stray dogs and have to negotiate the Thai drivers. Like any other place in Asia its dirty, the streets are scattered with litter and there is a lingering smell of burning rubbish in the air.
On the positive side we are getting some awesome training done with a great group of athletes and I am back into some running and starting to enjoy it again. All this heat will be great acclimatisation for my first race back in Thailand next month and with a bit of luck I might even have my new bike to race on.
Last week was our photo-shoot week and we got to meet a few of the teams sponsors, with representatives from 2XU, Cobb saddles, The Bike Boutique and Aviva.
Alot of the team headed to Singapore last weekend for the 70.3, everyone went well with our women taking the top two spots of the podium and the men finishing strong considering one was coming back from injury and another was competing in his first half. From here our camp will dwindle over the next few weeks and only a handful of us that will be racing in Thailand next month will be left.
Hopefully I can avoid the dogs and cars until then and get a decent result!


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