Thursday, September 16, 2010

China town!

Next week I head up to China for the first round of the ITU long distance world championship series. Just a quick trip this time through Beijing and onto a little place called Weihai.
I'm looking forward to the trip as my last adventure to China for a continental cup was really awsome.
The race is just the standard ITU long distance with a three kilometre swim, eighty kilometre bike and a twenty kilometre run but looks to be over a fairly challenging course.
The best thing about some of these Asian races is usually the trip there as alot of the time it turns out to be a bit of an epic adventure, then when you get there most of the people dont even know what a triathlon is. I think most of the people that crowd the streets to watch are just curious to see their first triathlon.
I'm hoping to have a strong race then head home and into a couple of shorter events in Oz as our summer season kicks off.
More updates soon!

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