Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a disaster!

My first trip to Denmark was certainly one to forget. Most of my memories of the weekend include something to do with the above picture..
After some good preparation and recovery leading into the race at Aarhus I ate something bad along the trip and spent the rest of the weekend sick with my head down the toilet bowl.
From Friday morning I couldn't eat anything without bringing it back up but for some reason decided it would be best for me to have a go at the race regardless. I knew I probably wouldn't finish but if I didn't have a go I would have been left wondering what might have happened.
As you can imagine things went bad and I ended up crawled up into a ball on the run course with massive stomach cramps, not even able to move.
We made the trip home yesterday and I attempted some light training today unsuccessfully, still unable to keep my food down. Hopefully I can get rid of this in the next few days and back into some serious training again.

Not everyone in our team had such a bad time though, Caroline ended up winning the womens race with a massive gap back to second and another couple of our girls went 1st and 3rd in Ironman Austria. So Congrats!!


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