Thursday, July 15, 2010

Next Challenge...Ironman Regensberg

I have my last race with the Club here in Germany in another week and a half then the last weekend of my European trip will be Ironman Regensberg on the 1st of August.
Its always seemed like a challenge to be able to race longer and longer and I have failed many times so the step up to Ironman is one I am very excited about as there is no other competitive triathlon that's longer.
The race is made up of a 3.8km Swim / 180km Bike / 42.2km Run and the winners usually finish around eight hours. My goals for my first race will be to simply finish and be as competitive as possible.
Originally I had planned to race the ITU Long Distance World Championships on the same day which are also in Germany and a similar distance however it was to tempting to have a go at my first Ironman while I was still in Europe. Either way I was going to be getting on the plane saw and tired back to Australia!
The last few weeks has been a major block of endurance work with lots of long training sessions. I've continually been asking myself "where the hell am I" on my rides and I dont think there has been many rides when I havn't been lost at one point but it has been fun trying to navigate my way around.
If your interested in following my Ironman race you can get up to the minute updates through the Ironman website

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