Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Close!

Well things went better than I expected yesterday and I lead 99% of the race. Unfortunately the only part of the race I wasn't at the front for was the finish!
From the swim I was able to open up a 30sec lead although I didn't feel great it was enough to give me a head start onto the bike.
I had a bit of a plan in my mind before the race that if I managed to open a gap in the water I was going to try and ride solo for the 90km as the course was perfect for it. Very technical and hilly. If someone was 20sec in front of you alot of the time you wouldn't be able to see them, so this became my escape plan. Even though my riding seemed weak the previous week in Kraichgau I thought I could stay away as I had made some major changes that seemed to make a massive difference, the main one being that I swapped on to a new Planet X time trial bike that was 2.5kg lighter than my Orbea making the hills alot easier and the legs a bit lighter for the run.
Heading out of transition my shoe came unclipped from my pedal as I was trying to put it on at 30km/h but I managed to hang on to it with the tips of my toes and after a little juggling act I got into rythem and seemed to be flying over the course, still weary of what was happening behind me. (It seems funny but a group of guys that are not drafting can still work together as a group to catch whoever is at the front).
I got to the 20km mark and looked down at my average speed....45.4km/h. That blew me away, although there was alot of hills to come I felt comfortable and was enjoying all the support from every little town that we went through plus the media bikes and lead car helped to pump me up and I got through the 90km in 2h14 about 2min15 clear of the rest of the field.
The run was going to be hard and every second I had worked for on the bike I knew I would need. I felt great and was running well but the run course was basically half climbing up a hill then half down with very little flat in between. I held on to the lead until just before the 20km mark when Raynard Tissink came past me and I just could'nt hang on and I finished 12 seconds behind after leading the whole race. That was a slightly disappointing end to a good day.
Media saying that he wanted to win more than I did makes me even more determined for next time I race, so look out if your in my way over the next few months!
The only results that I could find were through the web address I attached below. Hopefully there will be some photos to come also.


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