Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warm weather

After a shocking first week here the rain has finally cleared and things are warming up.
The last thing I threw in the suitcase turned out to be the most valuable.. my snow jacket for the bike! I didnt even consider leaving home last week without it.
So I am in between races now, my next event is in Kraichgau on the 6th of June followed by three other races in the next three weekends, all around this area.
At the moment I'm just trying to get a bit of strength back again after a month of shorter races mixed with tapering, recovering and flights it does'nt leave much time for good solid training sessions and I feel I can improve from where I am at the moment leading into the next few races.
Hopefully the weather remains clear for the next few weeks and things will be looking good for the upcoming races.

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