Monday, May 17, 2010

Cold Start

My first race for the team today went well, we finished second in pretty cool conditions.
As a team time trial we had to stay together as a group.We start with 5 guys and at least 4 have to cross the finish line, so basically we drop the weakest person at some point of the race.
It was a bit of a funny race, we were planning on dropping our first guy during the swim thinking he would be at least a minute slower than the rest of us but as it turned out one of our other guys was having a bad day and also came out with our slower swimmer so we had to wait as a team now for both to exit the water while other teams cruised past us.
Eventually we got rolling quite well as a group of 5 guys on the bike and worked our way back up to second place, about 1.40 behind the leaders which over 8km on the run we knew was going to be hard to pull back even with a good group of runners that we had.
In the end the gap was to much for us to close and we finished about 1.30 behind the winners and well in front of any other team
So I have a break from the club racing now for a few weeks but fill in the gaps with a couple of Challange events, one here in Germany and the other in France starting on the 6th of June.
So back into a bit of solid training till then.

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