Friday, April 9, 2010

AIS Testing for Time Trial World Championships

Its on again, the AIS is running a study to determine the best pre-cooling strategy for the World Time Trial Championships later this year in Geelong and I was invited to take part.
The study involves four time trial efforts on the compu-trainer in the AIS lab over the Geelong course with four different strategies in varying heat.
Time trials are hard at any time but I find sitting in the lab trying to do it so much harder mentally as your just sitting in the one spot for the 46km watching the TV screen. The goal for us is to ride the fastest time possible consistently over the four time trials and to make it more of a challange we wont be able to see our heart rate, power output or overall time untill the end of the study.
For me its not just about trying to help our guys like Cadell and Mick out for the race but we also get alot of feedback from the study such as sweat rates, VO2 levels and a good look at how I react under different situations, which is all handy information to have in the memory bank as all my races have different conditions which call for different preparation.
I had my first time trial yesterday and will try and knock one over every week for the next four weeks leading into the European season.
Training seems to be going well now, I'm just trying to get some speed back in the legs and some decent km in the pool. My next race is next weekend up in QLD then I head over to Noumea on the 7th of May for my final race before heading back to Germany.

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