Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Head to the hills

Happy new year to everyone! Its been a while since my last blog so there has been many things happen.
Busselton didn't go as well as I had planned and I finished 5th. Enough to get a few more points towards Hawaii but not up on the podium which I was aiming for.
After that I headed home and spent the next week in our backyard. Mum and Dad came to help and within the week we had transformed our crappy old backyard into quite a nice living area. We made a new fence, laid all new grass removed all the overgrown plants and done a bit of concreting.
Then it was back into some light training and recovery before Christmas.
This year we spent Christmas with Danielle's side of the family in Canberra and we got to show off our new backyard with a family Christmas brunch at our place. Once again by the end of the day we were all so full of food that we never wanted to eat again.
As usual I have headed up to Thredbo for what has become our annual training camp over the new year period this time with Dave Dellow and Caroline Steffen. We arrived here on the 27th of Dec and I'll be here until I leave for Challenge Wanaka on the 17th of Jan.
This year has been alot colder than the previous years in the mountains but we are getting some solid training done and are all looking forward to the year ahead.
I am still deciding on many of the races I'll be doing in the new year but will definitely be starting with Challenge Wanaka in a few weeks time.
I have heard alot about how tough this race is and I'm really looking forward to the Challenge.
Wanaka is just a little town about 60km away from Queenstown and a scenic backdrop for one of the biggest races in New Zealand.
With another couple of weeks preparation I should be in good enough shape to give it a good shot if I dont get bitten by one of the snakes up here or attacked by a herd of wild brumbies!

Cheers, Aaron.

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