Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting in the Rythem

Not much to report on this week, its just been some very solid training. Some more progress with my leg, then I strained my hamstring so have taken a backward step from running the past few days, but still we are progressing forward in the recovery process.
Alot of my time here has been spent as a training partner for James Cunnama as he heads into Ironman South Africia in a few weeks so I have been doing plenty of km on the bike and he has had some younger guys in the team to keep him honest in the run while I am getting my legs back.
The past week we have had heaps of rain and some of the towns we  have ridden through have been flooded with the excess of water. Yesterday I was running along the road just near our hotel and saw a scorpion trying to cross and find some dry land. They definitly aren't the prettiest of creatures and I stayed well away. But the water has bought them all out, we have also seen a few snakes and centerpedes.
When the weather is clear and we get away from town the riding has been really nice, the roads are unbelievably smooth and fast and some of the rides are quite scenic, with some massive rock formations. Not mountains but just massive rocks sticking out of the ground covered in rain forest. Most are not accessible and each one has its unique shape, most with visible caves. One that we rode past the other day actually had a concave shape towards the road with what looked like stalligtights hanging from it, that was awsome.
We had quite a long day on the bike today so I am looking forward to bed now and into another week of training!


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