Friday, February 18, 2011

Slow Process!

Well as you can tell by the blog updates, not much has been happening the last couple of weeks. My running was stopped by the physio's reccomendation so I headed back into work for a week and a half on the tools.
Although I could still swim and ride I gathered now was a good time to bank some coin before the upcoming trip to Thailand then Europe. Working a six day, 63 hour week was certainly a shock to the system but was interesting at the same time.
Now I am back to training and heading over to Adelaide on Sunday for a week before the trip up to Thailand once more for our team camp where we will pick up all our new gear for 2011 season. I'm pretty excited about this but its going to be a long stint away from home finishing on the 24th of April after a race in Thailand.
The knee is slowly coming around now, with lots of exercises and physio I am aiming to be able to run again by the start of March. During the week I had some more scans and doctors appointments which showed the blood clots had cleared from my calf and I was able to finish with the medication that I was on. Now I just need to get the ligaments right and all should be fine.


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