Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hero to Zero

Well, not even a week into my first trip to Thailand and I have been taken out by a car! On our way to a bike session a car pulled out and nailed me.
So now three weeks out from Ironman I am on crutches praying that nothing to serious has happened under all the swelling and that somehow I might still be able to race. Apart from that little incident our camp has been going along well with athletes coming and going constantly and lots of km getting done. We have been living on rice almost three meals a day but when it only cost $2 for dinner its hardly an inconveniance, the people have been lovely and everyone seems a little interested in what we are doing.
My plan was to stay here up untill the 24th leading into Busselton but now looks like it might be cut short and I'll be home to try and recover as quickly as possible if there isn't much improvement in the next couple of days.
Its a bit of a bugger having this incident but the idea of the camp was to start to change the direction of my next few years in triathlon not just about the next race, so looking at the big picture it was worth the trip and I think it will help me into the future.
But I will still hang in hope for busso!

                                        Sutto about to smack me over the head with my crutches!

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